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VENICE W SS22 CAMPAIGN_Joyce NG_000016760003_Final.jpg
VENICE W SS22 CAMPAIGN_Joyce NG_000016760011_Final.jpg
VENICE W SS22 CAMPAIGN_Joyce NG_000063030005_6x4.5_WEB + IG FINAL.jpg
VENICE W SS22 CAMPAIGN_Joyce NG_000016820008_7.4x6_WEB + IG FINAL.jpg
VENICE W SS22 CAMPAIGN_Joyce NG_000016810004_6x7.4_WEB FINAL.jpg

Spring-Summer 2022 Campaign Credits

Creative Direction: Venice W & Joyce NG

Photographer: Joyce NG

Styling & Consultant: CG von Platen

Set Design: Chloe Maugile

Talents: Tyra Tong, Fia Lee, Reina Ogawa Clarke

Hair: Toni&Guy 

Make Up: Fia Lee

Producer: Cheuk Ng

Collection Assistance: Porwilai Pakkad

1st Photo Assistance: Matt Kelly

2nd Photo Assistance: Hannah Burton

Set Assistance: Felix Viliers

Thank you: Lucas Dillon, Feyfey, Conrad Pack, Cuara Reddy

Supported by: DiscoveryLAB in collaboration with Toni&Guy,  

British Fashion Council

London Fashion Week

VeniceW Eyeliner5.jpg

Eye Liner for Bags (2021)

Created by: Venice W 

Talent: Sleepy Flying Bag


Tri-Colours Contact Lens for Bags (2020)

Direction & Collages: Venice W 

Fonts Drawing: Lucas Dillon

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