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(Figure 01)


Two very similar parties, AKA the TWINS, were running VeniceW A glass full of water & A glass full of air. 

They were worshipped throughout the era. It is a myth that the empty glass was also once full of water until one day, a thirsty Human came by.


Surprisingly Fashion Objects started to appear everywhere- in a fridge, an oven and even in a pot!! it was magical. Some reports said that they had something to do with sleepwalking, some say they were actually escaping from the human world, responding to the overpopulation issue. But one said they were always just there in a pot.

              VeniceW. OG Logo was also founded in this year. Reasons remain unknown.


VW Tissue Massacre 2014

              VeniceW.’s City Centre was invaded by Papers. All kinds of dangerous activities took place such as bungee jumping or running out of toilet paper. Many of them were killed, dismissed, and replaced.(the city is known as ‘Tissue City’)


Fashion Objects submitted paperwork to enter VeniceW  

Important figures including A4 Paper, Certificates, Visa and Receipt were in charge.


VW Meetings:The Boredom Case took place,

passport vw bio.png

(Figure 02)


The first group of Fashion Citizen$ arrived safely in VeniceW

including the Pioneers PaperWear, Sleepy Suit, Uber SKRT and Toilet SKRT. 

"CityThat$neezzZeALot!" spread across VeniceW. in all of a sudden. Some say that the Old Tissue City was haunting the Newcomers - Fashion Citizen$

God Of Sleep was born. 

Deals were made between Fashion Citizens & Tissue Citizens in order to be able to reside peacefully in VeniceW  Most parts of the deals remain undisclosed but surely bless VeniceW. to be “OnTime&RespectTime”. 


Beginning of VW Trading Goods 2019

Urban Pigeons help VeniceW deliver goods across the globe of human.

VeniceW-Pigeon Bag-Family Tree.jpg

(Figure 03)

Pigeon was born in Tissue City, VeniceW in 2019.[2] He was one of the most famous Bag living in Tissue City because of his Fang.

According from Pigeon’s Family Tree (Fig.03), he was the youngest of fifty children of Crow and Dove. His father was a wealthy textile manufacturer; his mother was the daughter of God of Sneeze (1837–1925), a noted Union general during the Dark Cotton Pad Civil War.[3]


Crow (July 23 1890 disappeared) was an VeniceW businessman who helped revitalise the Neoprene industry in the 1920s. At the time of his disappearance he was one of the most mystery Bag living in Tissue City. Sneeze All Time magazine claimed he "almost singlehanded(ly) saved VeniceW's vital Neoprene industry from extinction”.[1]



Introduction To Tissue City event took place. There was a long line of human - Waiting in a queue.

Discovery of Ancient Kingdom "VeniceW", The oldest Flying Bag ,dug up by Venice

VeniceW Flying Bag.jpg

(Figure 04)

Flying Bag.jpg

(Figure 05)


Linen's Currency exchange rates are skyrocketing to an all-time high in VeniceW

Brief History of VeniceW 2011-Now , Written By Venice Wanakornkul

Proofreading By Jack Davis, Figure 01: Photo By LISHAN™, Figure 01,02.03,,05: Post-Production By Venice Wanakornkul. Figure 04: Photo By Venice W

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