VENICEW — Fashion label for high quality specified Linen & Lace clothing.

Creation — Designing was initiated by philosophy of Nothingness & Time.

Collections —

Parsons MFA Runway

New York Fashion Week 2018 

"CityThat$neezZZeALot!" was designed by 'not designing' as the designer let the paper outfits change it shapes after wearing and  take the transformed shape as the final looks of the design by using self -invented  technique of 'mummification' to record the designed shape.





















Presentation at Mu Project, China Town, NY during New York Fashion week 2019 

 "Introduction To Tissue City 2019"

Creation of the design was lighten at the airport while waiting for the plane to leave. Napkins, Tissue on the table of the restaurant was folded as a miniature outfit. The idea of having  comfort during waiting time came up with the design of "Just-In-Case" jacket hidden with removable mini pillows to give comfort to the wearer during long wait, just like having "Just-In-Case" tissue. It is always a welcoming idea. 


VENICEW Et Cētera — Design of daily wear (T-shirt, Pajamas, Shoes, Bags, Hats and Et Cētera).

"Thus we hope to cross paths again sometimes..."